César Vayssié
César Vayssié is not a dancer or a choreographer but uses choreographic material in performative events or films, as a physical argument for the notion of commitment (artistic, political, or in love relationships).
As an ideal spectator, an amateur, César Vayssié has decided on the adventure of a duo with experienced performers. Based on this premeditated situation and free of narrative, the duo engages in the movements of an aesthetic hypothesis of relationships.
COPROUDUCTION, an act of inversion, changes the meaning of the professional / amateur relation.
Each opus is a new creation.

Olivia Grandville
Jeremy Nedd
Nicole Morel
Anne Delahaye
Agathe Thévenot
Ola Maciejewska
Pierre-Yves Diacon
François Chaignaud
Alix Eynaudi
Asha Thomas

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