César Vayssié
It’s a research program in the guise of a creation. Each session/workshop mobilizes a different group, open to artists and students of all stripes: dance, arts, cinema, music, social sciences… The work intends to explore new narrative phenomena and the common foundations of dance, pictures, and of a search for poetic constructions consistent with the digital field and the transformations it brings about. The question of the engaged body lies at the center of a research which spawns actions, a discourse, live, disparate, collective forms and their visual consequences. The research draws on performances, dance, digital, visual arts, and cinema through a minimalist process :
> 5 days
> a work group
> a space (a theater, an art room, a studio, a forest)
> a simple image and sound recording device
+ a live streaming system
< / >
is a project that follows the trajectory initiated with UFE (UNFILMEVENEMENT),
César Vayssié’s film-performance-workshop (2012-2016) which explored artistic, political and sentimental engagement.
It is based on various interventions in art schools
and also draws on the experience of BOCAL (2003-2004)
led by Boris Charmatz
(in which César Vayssié participated)
and by the more recent experience TANZGRUND,
manifesto-movie which carries the moving reflection
of the project [terrain].
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