César Vayssié
SCHOOL OF MAKING ART aims to produce a sensitive and poetic state of the art today, that which involves the body and creates images at the scale of the digital era. An artistic gesture in the form of an experience echoing contemporary interrogations.
How does art evolve with contradictory energies and polymorphic moves in the context of troubled times, when currents of thought of all kinds transform and fragment the societal bonds?
When the patriarchy is finally substantially challenged, feminist struggles are finally heard, when the ecology of collective behaviors and social justice are at the core of societies’ destinies, when, also, themes of a right to be different, of environmental threats, of solidary contestation, of survivalism or the Anthropocene have already become norms of the cultural industry, it’s important to capture the form of actions, as well as their status.
Do not art, dance and image form an artistic space where these issues become the matter of an unhinged research process which could exemplify how to behave in a common space?
A story of positions and positioning
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