César Vayssié
We’re talking about an unclassifiable art form, somewhere between performance and cinema in an extended field; a pluridisciplinary space, an ultra-contemporary discourse, born of the post-Pierre-Huygue digital transition, which is difficult to name precisely because it is defined by the absence of categories. The fringe that we are invoking melds fiction with documentary, science and social. Intersecting replaces the notion of multimedia, an obsolete term in the digital era, it primarily addresses the crossing of approaches and the mixture of genres. That fringe is found in the mysterious corridors of art schools, in the energy of urban dance battles on social networks, through queer militant actions and many other attitudes of the “post-internet” youth. These movements are not really identified by the field of pedagogy.
Between desire and morals, urges and reason, unbearable and pleasurable, thought and actions, there is a way to envision a new kind of artistic behavior, paradoxical and fascinating. How can the body and the image convey contradictions, conflicting momentums?
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